On-Site Collections

The collection of clinical waste at site is based on schedules mutually agreed with the client. Our personnel are competent to ensure efficient and safe handling of clinical waste.

Clinical Waste Containers

All Clinwaste containers are specifically manufactured to meet the stringent requirement for handling clinical waste and protect users from potentially infectious materials and needle prick injuries.

Treatment Facility

Clinwaste incinerator plant complies with all the legislations as stipulated by the Department of Environment and observes strict safety standards. The high temperature at primary and secondary combustion chambers will safely incinerate all types of clinical waste. The stack emission testing is performed and monitored on a regular basis to ensure the impurities released from the plant are   controlled within the regulated standards, hence protecting the environment.

Microwave technology uses a proprietary shredder designed for biohazardous waste to improve the treatment efficiency by using onboard steam to moisten the waste for decontamination.  The indeed hopper directs the infectious material to a shredder where it is shredded and conveyed through a Microwave Treatment Section (MTS) for disinfection and discharge.


Clinwaste services incorporate a fleet of designated vehicles and dedicated professional drivers with a wide logistical network. All vehicles are licensed and monitored by Department of Environment for the sole purpose of clinical waste transportation.

Training & Consultancy

Clinwaste offers guidance and advice on regulations and the approved method of handling and managing clinical waste thus reducing the risk of cross infection and needle prick injuries.